We can be found at events all over WNC with refreshingly wholesome treats like specialty popcorn, gourmet chips, jerky, organic candies, dried fruits and nuts, fruit popsicles, organic ice creams and boutique drinks like kombucha, jun, natural sodas, small batch root beer and award winning lemonade. There is something for everyone.

Locally sourced whenever possible, our tasty products won’t leave you compromising your priorities. We bring an abundant variety of organic, vegan, gluten-free, paleo, non-GMO, and artificial enhancement-free delicacies to your favorite events.




Thank you for joining me on this movement toward more mindful snacking. I founded the Nibble and Sip in 2018 after a frustrating string of elimination diets trying to diagnose GI discomfort. I found myself with significantly limited options every time I was out and about with my family. This brought my attention to the plight of so many of us trying to make healthier choices for our bodies often in the absence of options. I definitely have a soft spot for treats and intuitively thought that this was an issue I could address. Indeed there have been many delightfully cleaner snacks to discover!  Now I’m sharing this treasure trove of tasty treats with you.

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